Apple iPhone 5 iShell Screen Protector (pack of 2)
7.50 EUR

The iShell high-quality screen protector for the Apple iPhone 5 is a multi-layer protective film, designed to keep your iPhone safe from scratches, dust and fingerprints.

The film is precision-cut to fit the exact screen size and it is applied easily and without leaving any residue once removed. Once installed, this protective film leaves an invisible layer of protection on your iPhone and you are safe in the knowledge that your screen is protected.

Highly transparent film provides a clearer and sharper display along with 99% UV protection.

Today's mobile lifestyle means that you cannot be without your iPhone for very long at a time. So why risk doing any damage to your phone? Use this protective screen film to keep the display on your iPhone safe from accidental damage. You can still use all the functionality of your touchscreen when this protective film is applied. This pack includes two protective films, so if your first film wears or becomes scratched over time, simply remove the film and apply the 2nd film. Application and removal is easy, the entire process takes less than 1 minute

Mfr. Pn. SP-APP-iP5