LVSun Smart Tube Portable Power Bank
20 EUR

Smart Tube Portable power bank with battery capacity of 2600mAh. Stylish cylinder design fits easily into a pocket or handbag. Output of 5V (1A) which is ideal for charging smartphones, smaller tablets, Sat Navs, MP3 players and many other devices. 

Emergency power when you need it most - never get stuck with a dead smartphone or tablet ever again! 

To charge your device with this Smart Tube power bank, simply connect the original USB cable from your device and press the power button - your device will be charged automatically.

Includes one USB cable which can be used to charge to Smart Tube and is also suitable for charging any electronic device that uses a microUSB connection for charging. LED indicator to show charging activity and battery capacity.

Silver aluminium housing in very durable design. Built using premium quality Samsung 18650 battery cells.

Dimensions: 104mm (length) x 22.6mm (diameter)

Mfr. Pn. LS-B260-BL
Mfr. Pn. LS-B260-SLV